The 3 C’s of Branding

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Well, helloooo! It’s been a while since my last blog post and honestly, I’m not sure why.🙃 But, I’m back with some words of wisdom for all the business owners out there, so, let’s dive in!

I’d like to talk about what it takes to have a successful brand. If you’re a business owner, you may feel overwhelmed when it comes to how to brand your business. Like any major undertaking, it’s best to break it into bite size pieces. Branding is far less complicated if you focus on the 3 C’s:

Clarity. Consistency. Confidence.

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It all starts with being very clear on what your brand represents and who your target audience is. This stage is critical and requires really getting in the weeds with strategy. You can equate it to building your dream home. You need to start with a solid foundation before all the “pretty stuff” comes to life. If you’re not sure how best to navigate your strategy, I highly recommend working with an experienced brand designer and/or someone specializing in brand strategy for business owners. Once your strategy is nailed down, you’ve cleared the biggest hurdle.


Once you’ve got your strategy established, the design phase gets underway. This is where your brand look/feel comes to life and is so important to be consistent with how you use your branding. Once your branding process is complete, you should have a robust brand guideline document that lays out how and when to use all of the various elements of your branding.  This includes logos, fonts, colors, patterns, illustrations, and brand imagery/photography. Showing up consistently in your branding helps build trust and recognition with your target audience, which leads to stronger engagement and finally, sales.

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This last piece of the puzzle is confidence. If your branding is built on strategy and you’re implementing it in a consistent fashion, you’re going to feel really confident putting your brand out there. At this stage, you’re able to just focus on running your business rather than stressing over your branding and whether or not it’s working. It’s no different than having a professional handle your taxes. If income tax returns aren’t in your genius zone, why would you struggle when you could hand it over to an expert?!

And there you have it, the mystery of successful branding isn’t such a mystery after all. Whether your just starting out in your business, or your business has been around a while but is in need of a refresh, just refer back to the the 3 C’s to guide you in a successful branding experience.  I promise it really works! For more content on branding, check out these posts on a brand vs. a logo and the role of a moodboard.

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