DIY Wall Art

A while back I posted about our master bedroom update in progress (here) and one of the projects yet to complete is to hang art on the walls. I do have a fair amount of art that I could use, but I wanted something specific for above the bed. I thought rather than scour shops and the internet, why not just make it myself? So I did.

Drawing in Procreate on the iPad.

Drawing with Procreate for iPad

I’ve always loved to draw but I just haven’t kept up with it over the years due to the bajillion other things I have going on in my daily life. I doodle and sketch every now and then but I don’t carve out time for any real projects. Since I knew exactly what I wanted over the bed I decided to block the time and draw it myself.

There is a program for the iPad called Procreate. It was new to me and once I started to play with it, I was hooked! It’s a beautiful marriage of traditional drawing on paper meets digital. I’m still learning all of the capabilities of Procreate. It can do SO MUCH. For the look I wanted, I used a traditional pen brush with black ink on a white background. I found photos of the monuments I wanted to draw and used them as a guide. (You can easily use a photo as a trace layer under your drawing layer so don’t be intimidated if you don’t think of yourself as an artist!). I wanted very simple, imperfect lines for these pieces. After a couple of hours of trial and error, I eventually got the look I was going for.

Use a heavier paper stock for your prints.

Print – Frame – Done!

Once the drawing portion of this project was complete, the rest was super easy. I found the frames I wanted at Target (very budget-friendly). I printed the drawings on a heavier paper stock, put them in the frames and BAM, done! I have yet to actually hang said frames, but progress has been made nonetheless.

Framed and ready to hang!

It’s so satisfying when you accomplish something yourself vs. buying whatever it is you are looking for, right?! It doesn’t always happen around here but I’m going to make more of an effort to go this route when I can. What are some DIY projects that you’ve accomplished? I’d love to hear about them!

Links to my Target frames along with a couple pieces of art I thought would work well for the master bedroom:

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