As a graphic designer, I always notice branding. It’s all around us, everyday, whether you are aware of it or not and it influences your decisions and purchases. To be clear, a brand is more than a logo. It’s who a business is, what they stand for and what they promise their audience. It’s their personality. Let’s take Apple for example. We all recognize the Apple icon, but we also know Apple to be very clean and streamlined in all of their packaging, advertising, web site and retail stores. They stay true to their brand look and feel and carry it through every aspect of the business. This consistency, along with their innovative product development, has built a huge loyal following.

Not every business is an “Apple”. But whether your Apple, J.R. Watkins or a one-person small business, having a well-crafted and consistent brand identity plays a major role in your credibility and success. I’ve worked with many small businesses and non-profits to help them build and/or update their brand visually, and they are always surprised by the amount of exploration, time, trial and error involved in getting to the end product. It’s a process and it involves far more strategy than most people realize. If you don’t take the time to develop your brand to fit the personality of your business, you will have a confused and disengaged audience.


I challenge you. In the next few days, look at various brands; products you buy, websites you visit, ads you see, bloggers you follow, service providers you use, etc. Analyze the brand, not just their logo, and how they carry their look and messaging throughout the different channels. Are they consistent, or does their website look completely different from a print ad or packaging?


Maybe I’m just a bit of a geek because I live in this space everyday, but I find branding fascinating. There is nothing more rewarding for me professionally than to develop a client’s brand and see it come to life!


If you are a small business owner in need of brand development or a brand refresh, let’s chat!

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