Master Bedroom Update (A work in progress)

Our master bedroom was in desperate need of an update. When we moved into this house in 2004, there weren’t many rooms that needed updating. A good majority of the house had just been redone because the previous owners had the pipes burst one winter so the entire main floor was damaged. The main floor reno was beautifully done. As far as the master, we didn’t begin this project until about 2 years ago and it is still in progress (hello, real life). I also attribute some of this lag time to my inability to choose and commit to an item. I’m getting better at that since I’ve determined what my style is. I have always gravitated toward the Victorian look with clean and neutral touches thrown in.Thankfully this style is perfect for this house. It was built in 1925 and has beautiful wood mouldings, high ceilings and lots of character.

The only “before” photo I could find. Can you blame me?!

Here’s what we’ve done to the room to date  

First, we pulled up the nasty carpeting. There are original wood floors underneath, but it’s not going to be worth refinishing them. They aren’t in great shape and are extremely creaky so we will replace the floor down the road but for now we cleaned them up and can live with it. Next, we replaced the window treatments with faux wood blinds and painted the window trim and the walls. I chose a soft silver/blue paint for the walls. The rest of the trim looked fine so we left that alone. We also removed the radiator cover and painted the radiator metallic silver (one of my favorite updates). The dresser had a matching mirror attached so I removed it and replaced it with the silver framed wall mirror. I am trying to tone down the yellow finish on my bedroom set by adding more neutral elements. I may decide to refinish the set down the road but for now I’ll work with it. (Fun fact: my mom bought this set for me when I was 13 years old. She said, “I want you to have a bedroom set that will be around after you are married”. I remember thinking, yeah, right! Well, it’s still here… mother does know best!) I also found candle sconces at a vintage flea market to flank the mirror. I bought new bedding and an area rug. The room is looking MUCH better, I must say.

These blinds and the painted radiator made a huge difference. So much brighter now.


A new wall mirror and sconces tone down the yellow in the dresser.

What still needs to be done  

I recently bought a light fixture so the ceiling fan will be replaced. I am looking for a ceiling medallion to go with the light so the fan won’t come down until said medallion is here. Aside from replacing the floors, the rest of the update is pretty simple. I will hang some art on the walls once I decide what will look best. I would also like to paint and/or refinish my jewelry box. There are so many pretty boxes out there, but I like the functionality of the one I have so it’s easier just to refinish it and call it a day. I would also like to get a full-length mirror if I find one that suits the room. I am also debating whether to replace the hope chest at the foot of the bed with some sort of chaise or setee. I’m just hesitant to give up the storage. We shall see.


We will be replacing the ceiling fan with the fixture in the box on the floor and add a ceiling medallion.


I am really enjoying this project and the transformation that is unfolding. Honestly, if I weren’t a graphic designer I would likely be an interior designer. I find it so rewarding to transform spaces and it allows me to be creative in an entirely different way. I will be featuring more room transformations as I tackle them so stay tuned! If you would like to see out how I transformed a couple of side chairs, check out this post.

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