Plans to Update My Home Office

home office updatesI have been meaning to update my home office for years. Unfortunately, I’m one of those people who needs to finish one project completely before beginning another (I may have mentioned I’m a bit OCD!🙄). I’m in the home stretch with our master bedroom (see the post on that here), so my mind is shifting toward how I want to freshen up my office. I spend many, many hours in this room so I want to create an inspiring space to enhance the ol’ creative process. Here is the plan thus far…

home office

My home office currently

Fresh paint  

Overall, this room doesn’t need a whole lot of work but it does need a fresh coat of paint. We haven’t touched the paint in this room since we moved in and, while it was done well, fast forward 15 or so years–it’s time to lose the textured mauve. Here is where my indecision lies. I’m waffling between a faint grey, OR white/light grey on 3 of the walls and a dark charcoal grey as a statement wall where the desk is. I’m leaving the trim alone, it’s in good shape and I like the color. Thanks to Photoshop, I can get a general idea of how these options would look. I would love for you to weigh in below!

home office paint colors

Option A – light grey walls throughout. There will be a gallery wall above desk.

charcoal grey wall home office

Option B – dark charcoal statement wall with a white & wood desk. Gallery wall above desk.


I don’t plan on replacing the desk (for now), so the color I choose for the main wall will dictate whether or not I paint the lower part of the desk white and swap out the hardware. If I go with the dark wall then I will definitely paint the lower part of the desk for contrast. I would leave the top wood as is.


I’m going to create a gallery wall above the desk with various pieces I have stored. This will be a fun project in itself though, I will struggle with making a final decision because, well… it’s my space and not someone else’s. (I’m great with giving others design advice but when it comes to my own place, gah!)

home office set up

These walls will be a light grey.

Odds and ends  

Along with the above updates, I’ll add some décor changes once I see how it all comes together. I plan on getting a floor lamp. This room gets a ton of sun during the day but could use some extra lighting at night when I’m burning the midnight oil. The piano, side chair and the storage chest will stay. I may replace the rug, or at the very least have it cleaned.😬

Stay tuned as this project unfolds. I’ll make sure to do a reveal post once it’s complete. In the meantime, do cast your vote for the paint options–it would be greatly appreciated!

2 responses to “Plans to Update My Home Office”

  1. Hi Lisa. Love the dark gray accent wall idea. Just to throw a wrench into the works, my first thought, before reading your blog was a deep linen white. Would be a nice white on white story with the existing trim paint. Hope all is well!

    • Thanks Scott! Funny, I am considering all white as well. I would like to have the whole house done in the next year or two so the only reason I didn’t throw white out on this is I thought it might be nice to have the office a little different from the rest of the house. But, we’ll see.
      Hope all is well by you in paradise! 🙂

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