Simple & Festive Christmas Décor

It’s almost the middle of December and the holidays are in full swing over here. I’m a huge Christmas nerd but when it comes to decorating the house, I tend to keep it pretty simple, yet festive. I also like to switch things up just a little each year. It never looks exactly the same (especially when the lights crap out on the garland and I have to buy new garland!  ) Anyway, I’m sharing my Christmas décor with you today–Enjoy!

christmas tree, decor, ornaments

This year’s tree is a little on the bushy side!

So, we’re “real tree” people in this house and always have been.  Yes, it’s a bit of a pain watering daily, vacuuming up needles, etc. BUT it smells soooo good and that smell is Christmas in a nutshell for me. I do have an artificial tree in the basement so I guess best of both worlds? We have a TON of ornaments, mostly memory ornaments that have meaning attached to them, so our tree is on the eclectic side but I wouldn’t have it any other way. That said, I’m toying with the idea of a “theme” tree in the master bedroom next year.

The Mantle  

This is one of my favorite areas to deck out. There’s nothing better than relaxing on the couch with the mantle lit up and a fire in the fireplace. I got flocked garland last year and I love it. It is a bit of a mess to put up and take down but it’s totally worth it in my opinion. Fun fact, other than the past couple of years, our mantle tradition was to hang Star Wars ornaments from the garland. When you plugged in the lights, the ornaments would speak. Nothing says Christmas like Darth Vader breathing heavy and threatening Luke Skywalker (Mom of boys)!

mantle decor, christmas mantle, garland

I love the flocked garland for the mantle

The Staircase  

I love that we have a great staircase for Christmas décor. I keep it simple with lit garland, bows and a wooden Santa from my bestie many years ago. I would like to up my bannister game next year by adding more lights to the garland and maybe some other ornamental touches. (That’s one of those things you get in your head from Pinterest that never comes to fruition in real life but…you never know!)  

He sees you when your sleeping!

The Dining Room  

Our tree sits in the opening between our living room and dining room so we are able to enjoy it in either room, which is great. I do a simple table runner with a centerpiece and a few décor pieces. Our nativity scene goes on the buffet along with other items. Fresh pine pieces jazz up the cocktail tray.

So, those are the highlights of my home Christmas décor. I don’t decorate every room in the house–honestly, I just don’t have the energy to go that far!  The rooms that are festive are the rooms we spend the majority of our time in so we really enjoy the season. What are some of your favorite holiday decorations?

I’ve linked a few decor ideas below you can shop!

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  1. Pookies, you did such a great job for both Holidays, that Dad and I are tempted to stay next year! Our Love to you, Joe and my “little” guys. ❄️❄️☃️❤️❤️

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