The benefits of a brand mascot

Hello, and happy Fall! It’s that time of year when we can enjoy brisk weather, bon fires, hot beverages and football! Full disclosure, I enjoy the games but I’m more interested in uniform designs, jersey font choices and…mascots! There are some great mascots out there, and this got me thinking about how mascots impact the overall brand.    

The benefits of a brand mascot

Before we get into the benefits of a mascot, let’s first define what a mascot is. A mascot is a character representation. A mascot can be a person, animal, or any item brought to life that serves as an ambassador for a brand. Some famous mascots include Tony the Tiger, Mr. Clean or Jake from State Farm.

Having a mascot can be very beneficial to a brand. They create and reinforce brand recognition and are an engaging element. They also increase brand loyalty. It’s nostalgic to buy a box of Frosted Flakes because you grew up with Tony the Tiger. And while you may no longer eat Frosted Flakes, you may buy them as a treat for your kids. Having a mascot is a smart and fun way to infuse personality into your brand and offers many unique marketing opportunities.   

As a designer, having the opportunity to create a mascot is so much fun. It allows you to explore and flex the creative muscle. I’ve included “Mister Murph” in this post. Mister Murph is a mascot for a dog treats brand concept I created. There are so many ways to have fun incorporating him across all the channels–print, packaging, social media, in-store displays, etc. You can see how this offers a brand endless marketing opportunities.      

Brand mascots aren’t a one size fits all and may not make sense for every brand. Very high-end brands typically do not use mascots. Think Tiffany, or Chanel. Mascots work best when your brand is targeting a younger audience, or if the brand marketing uses humor or whimsy in their messaging.

If you have a favorite brand mascot, I’d love to hear who it is!

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