A Brand Makeover – Tissue Box Design

Classic and elegant makeover for a tissue box design.
Classic & Elegant

I recently took a poll on Instagram asking if anyone else thought tissue box design could use some help. I wanted to know if it was just me being a picky-ass designer, or if others felt the same.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that most everyone agreed! That got me thinking…why don’t I do a makeover for said tissue box to show how it can be so much more; a box that you would happily display in any room in your home!  

And so, the Brand Makeover blog series is born!

I’ll dive into what’s not working, why and how to rectify it. So, let’s go!

Current Box Design

What isn’t working

For this exercise, I’m going to call out the Kleenex brand, but there are many other tissue brands guilty of the same.  

  • Color palette options don’t complement most home décor styles  
  • Patterns are either too busy, or just dated
  • I get that you need the brand logo on the packaging, but it’s too big and obtrusive on the front of the box   
Modern & Neutral

The solution

  • Create a variety of color palettes that would blend nicely with any home décor style
  • Stylize with contemporary and classic patterns and graphics
  • Move the logo to the side of the box and reduce the size so it doesn’t interrupt the overall look and feel
Boho & Beachy

There are so many good products out there that suffer from boring or off-target branding and/or package design. With a little creative re-do, they could be so much better and generate more revenue for the stakeholders. I mean, isn’t that the bottom line? This is why design shouldn’t be an afterthought–it’s a critical piece of the business success puzzle and should be treated as such.

What are some other brands or products you notice could use a refresh? Tell me in the comments and maybe that will be the next makeover!

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