Transform a Room with a Light Fixture

Hello, friends! I’m (finally) sharing one of the last pieces to our master bedroom makeover puzzle…the light fixture. This has transformed the space so much more than I had imagined and I absolutely love it.

Note the less then attractive ceiling fan. (Though it did serve a function, this room gets hot in the afternoon!)

Let’s step back for a moment. To refresh your memory, I posted about the updates we had made so far in this post. Fast forward about a year and a half and here we are! I honestly don’t know what took us so long to get this project done. Well, ok, maybe I do…life?!‍ Anyway, a couple of months ago we decided it was time to git’ er done.

chandelier and ceiling medallion

I love the combo of the medallion with the chandelier!

First, we had to install the ceiling medallion. (And by “we”, I mean Joe and my son, Joey). For the most part, I stayed out of the way because I know how our DIY projects go–there will always be a moment of chaos followed by a sonata of profanity.In this edition of “DIY gone wrong”, the medallion was being adhered to the ceiling but fell before it was in place. Luckily, it bounced off Joe’s head before landing glue side UP on the floor. Crisis averted! The second attempt to get it into place was successful.

light fixture, ceiling medallion, chandelier

Just the right touch of elegance mixed with casual.

Next up was to install the fixture. I was the handyman assistant in this leg of the project. It was a bit labor-intensive due to the ornateness (if that’s a word) of the chandelier. Again, it took one or two failed attempts before we got it right but in the end, we prevailed. I will say, I was a tad worried that it may be too “fancy” and/or too big for the room but once I saw it all put together I was so happy.✨

I love the sparkle.

It’s amazing how something as simple as a light fixture can transform an entire room, but it really does. It’s like adding a perfect pair of shoes or bag to pull an outfit together–same concept. The beauty of this kind of update is you don’t have to break the bank. There are so many options out there at all price points. There really is something for everyone!

Have you added a light fixture that transformed your room? Tell me about it in the comments! Also, below is a link to this fixture along with a few others I really like–enjoy!

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