What’s inspiring me lately-August 2022

Hello! I know it’s been a minute in between blog posts, but here I am! Also, how is it August already?? Full disclosure, business has been slow the past few months. But rather than panic, I decided to embrace the quiet and use this time to explore other creative outlets like painting, working on house and yard projects, reading and just enjoying time with friends and family. I must say, it’s been very refreshing and inspiring. Hence, this blog post. Let’s get to it!  

Antique dinnerware

I’m honestly not sure how this came about, but on my last few antique excursions I was drawn to some beautiful old English dinner plates. Not full sets, but I picked up a few here and there and now I’m mildly obsessed with them and it may or may become a problem.🙄 Having a dinner party with a variety of different plates would make for a lovely table and a fun evening. (Puts dinner party on to-do list). I did discover a great website for such plates, so if you’re so inclined to join me in this addiction, check it out.

Recent antique plate finds

Provencestyle coffee table book

If you’ve been around here a while, you know I’m a sucker for all things old world European and this beautiful coffee table book is just that.  It’s page after page of gorgeous French Country interiors, gardens and architecture. If you flip through this book and don’t feel even a little inspired, then you may not have a soul. They also have a dreamy Instagram account provencepoiriers that will make you want to pack up, move to France and never leave. I highly recommend you check them both out! Link to the book:

Provencestyle coffee table book
Beautiful gardens
Lovely old-world French interiors

The music of Bonnie Raitt

When I’m feeling in a bit of a rut, I change up the music I listen to. I landed on a Bonnie Raitt Pandora station and realized what I’ve been missing. Yes, I know her hits from the 80’s, but her musical career spans well before then and is still going strong. I’ve been diving into some of her earlier albums and it’s really great stuff. I also just saw her live at Ravinia (a beautiful local music venue where you can pack a picnic and spread out on the lawn). She still sounds amazing and is a true performer. One of my absolute favorite songs is a live duet she did with the late John Prine called Angel from Montgomery. If you have a chance, give it a listen.

Bonnie Raitt – photo via The Late Show


Ok, so this is a bit misleading. By “gardening” I mean attempting to grow 2 tomato plants and a few herbs in pots.🙈 If you know me, you know this is a BIG deal as I am the antithesis of a plant person. However, it appears I do have ONE tomato so I’m calling it a success. There is something satisfying about growing your own food. We’ll see if I expand my “garden” next year, or if I get overwhelmed and just shop my father-in-law’s garden all summer.  

NOT from my garden. Photo by markus spiske via Unsplash

That’s the latest inspo over here. I hope one of these may spark a little inspo for you too. If not, make sure to seek out inspiration of your own. It really does lift your mood and recharge you when the batteries are low. Other inspiration posts I wrote if you want to peruse;

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