What’s inspiring me lately-November 2019

I know, it’s been a hot minute since my last blog post. This was supposed to go up in October but…life at the beginning of the holiday season.‍ Speaking of the holidays, this is the time of year I get MOST inspired so I thought I’d share a few things that are inspiring me lately in my work and in general.

Christmas market

Give me ALL the Christmas markets!


You’re probably thinking “Austria? Random.” BUT, I’m going there in about two weeks and I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve! For those who are new around here, you should know I’m a big Sound of Music nerd. Austria (at Christmas time) has been #1 on my bucket list for a while and I decided to pull the trigger and just do it. I’m going to Salzburg and Vienna for 10 days and I intend to soak in every minute. And yes, you can bet there will be singing and twirling on a mountaintop! (Sound of Music reference for those who aren’t familiar. If you haven’t seen the movie, I don’t know if we can be friends.) So, follow along on Instagram to see the sights with me!

One of my favorite pieces by Josh Young. ©joshyoungdesignhouse

Anything by Josh Young

I love all things interior design and fine art so I was so excited to discover Josh Young. He’s a fine artist in Chicago who creates the most amazing “old meets modern” pieces and his interior spaces are just gorgeous. I bought his “Emma” portrait and it’s just so pretty. I plan on updating my living room in 2020 and Josh’s interior style is front and center on my mood board for inspiration. Seriously, go check out his site and follow him on Instagram. You will thank me later.

christmas decor

Last year’s mantle decor.

Holiday planning

See “Austria”. No, but really, I looooove Thanksgiving/Christmastime. I get so happy and excited to decorate, cook, eat/drink, play the music, see all the lights…I could go on, but you get the idea. I have NO chill when it comes to Christmas.I don’t have any extravagant plans for my décor, just my simple, traditional look. (See the post about my Christmas décor here.) I’m going to keep things pretty simple so as not to have a panic attack when I get back from my trip!

Vintage Linda. Photo by Michael Ochs

The music of Linda Ronstadt

I know, shocker! Since the recent release of her biography in the theater, I’ve been back on the fan girl wagon. I wrote a little about her here. She really is one of the most talented female vocalists of all time and I encourage you to listen to her music to hear for yourself. She also has a wonderful holiday album, PERFECT for this time of year!

That’s the short list. I’d love to hear what’s inspiring you these days–let me know!

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  1. After reading that, I’m excited now. Enjoy your trip! I hope it’s all you want it to be!

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